Agency Licence No. L3007360H



Although the lessee (i.e. the landlord) is solely responsible for the misuse or infringement of the flat premises by the sub-tenants during the sub-letting period, we help to carry out due diligence before introducing the prospective sub-tenants to the lessees.




Eligibility conditions for ‘whole flat sub-letting’;
Flat owner’s responsibilities in ‘whole flat sub-letting’ transactions;
HDB’s requirements on ‘whole flat sub-letting’;
To perform the tasks to the satisfaction of all parties;
To explain all provisions, terms and obligations in the model Tenancy Agreement to both parties;
To qualify prospective sub-tenants the eligibility criteria for ‘whole flat sub-letting’;
To explain to prospective sub-tenants the consequences of any breaches of covenants in the Tenancy Agreement and HDB rules and regulations;
To carry out visual inspections of a flat and to put up a flat inspection form;
To generate monthly rental reports for flat owners.


Ensuring that the flat is sublet to eligible status of the sub-tenants only.
Ensuring no over-crowding and the number of subtenants does not exceed the maximum number allowed.
Ensuring that the sub-tenants have entered and are remaining in Singapore lawfully at all times throughout the entire duration of the sub-letting agreement.
Prohibiting sub-tenants against further under-let (sub-let after sub-let) the flat to other persons.
Ensuring that the Subtenants comply with all the covenants in the lease and the provisions of the Housing & Development Act and be responsible for all infringements committed by them.
Informing the Comptroller of Property Tax of the sub-letting, and HDB of any changes in the sub-letting.
Filing property tax with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore using Owner’s Return (HDB Flat) form and submitting the form together with the Tenancy Agreement.
Resuming occupation of the flats and ensuring that the sub-tenants vacate the premises when the lease ends or when sub-letting is no longer permitted by HDB.
Surrendering the flat in the event that HDB repossesses it.

Note: Flat owners to check and ensure that their foreign sub-tenants are legally allowed to stay in Singapore when sub-letting their whole flat or rooms. This is to prevent ignorant owners from violating strict immigration rules of harbouring illegal immigrants.

Sub-letting affect Minimum Occupation Period

The period of sub-letting of the flat will NOT be included in computing the minimum occupation period (MOP) or time bar to determine owner’s eligibility to:

Resell flat in the open market
Invest in private residential properties
Apply for a second flat directly from HDB
Owners who have sub-let their flats will have to satisfy the full requisite occupation period/time bar specified by HDB before they are eligible for any of the above.

Terms and Conditions of Whole Flat Sub-letting

The maximum sub-letting period is 3 years subject to review.
HDB will not mediate if there is a dispute between owners and their subtenants on these matters. Hence, flat owners and subtenants are advised to read and understand all the terms and conditions in the tenancy agreement carefully before signing it.